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PEELAWAYS provides hospitals and healthcare facilities with a disposable alternative to traditional laundering bedding that offers patients soft, absorbent, multi-layered waterproof sheets - while saving money!

   .     Saves time, labor, money
   .     Each layer is 100% waterproof
   .     A new sheet in less than 60 seconds
   .     32% softer and generates less friction than traditional bedsheets

5 peelaway layers

80" x  39" x  9"

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The Smarter Alternative to Traditional Bedding!

No more laundry – no more wrestling with the corners – soft, comfy – instant sheets!
Perfect for both personal and professional use.

The special blend of Bamboo, Viscose and Polyester fibers is combined with a breathable waterproof membrane that allows you to be cooler while sleeping. No more hassle of laundry. No more wrestling with the corners to change the bed. Get right back to sleep. Easy to use – provides protection against leaks, messes, spills and dirt. Perfect for elderly, potty training, bed wetting, guest rooms, dorm rooms, camping and more! Doubles as a waterproof bed mattress protector as well.


Michael Brown
   Best Sheets Out!
August 9, 2019
Size:Twin XL - 5 Layers | Verified Purchase

Amazing product! Taking away the hassle of changing and washing my sheets has not only saved me time but also money! Washing my sheets at the laundromat takes time and money, both of which I don't like to waste and these peel away sheets help me save both. It is so nice to come home and not have to go through the whole process of changing and washing my sheets. I simply peel away the soiled sheets, throw them away, and then have a fresh sheet that is super comfortable, all in about 20 seconds. When those get dirty I again simply peel them off and have a fresh comfortable sheet to sleep on. I was also happy to see these sheets available for my queen size bed.
10/10 will order this product again. They will be great for my guest bed, because they eliminate the need to wash and change the sheets twice to have fresh sheets for your guest and a clean bed when they leave. I also recommended them to an aunt with children for they would be wonderful for her to have because they are waterproof and the kids are always getting their beds dirty.

Robert Brown
   Fantastic Idea!
August 9, 2019
Size:Twin XL - 5 Layers | Verified Purchase

I used it for sickly grandparents they go on them selves occasionally while they sleep. This product is very absorbent.


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PeelAways™ Display



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