WHERE CAN PEEL AWAYS BE USED?2021-01-14T16:26:59+00:00

In any unit of the facility.


The absorbent fibers capture perspiration of liquids. The waterproof laminate prevents any penetration of liquids to the next layer. Peelaways is neutral in the potential spread of infectious diseases.**

WHY PEELAWAYS?2021-01-14T16:26:00+00:00

This is a revolutionary change for hospital bedding, with Peelaways you:

Reduced time to make the bed
Have a fresh sheet in under a minute
Great for bed ridden patients
Have 3 disposable layers
Peel away every day, or when needed for maximum comfort
Never have to replace worn out linens
Up to 25% of fitted sheets need to be repalce each year = $$
Laundry service require “True up” to inventory to cover “shrinkage” of bed sheets
Have a sealed Peelaways for every new patient
Can allocate staff time to be more productive

WHAT ARE PEELAWAYS?2021-01-14T16:25:24+00:00

32% softer than hospital sheets*

Absorbent Rayon and Bamboo fibers

Each layer is laminated with a breathable PU laminate that provides a total waterproof barrier allowing the nonwoven fabric to help disperse heat and perspiration through the airspaces in our construction

Peelaways patented multilayered design features 2 individual bed sheet layers, on our base fitted sheet that can “peel away” daily, or when soiled . to reveal a new fresh sheet.

Simply peel off the layer and dispose of it in regular waste. Dispose of RMW accordingly

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